I Missed the Bus

Where is my Muse

I missed the bus

Will there be another

Oh, what a fuss

I was hoping, at best

To go for a ride

On that magical tour

With my mind open wide

To find inspiration

And maybe a friend

As Don did with Thalia

Oh, who am I to pretend...

So I wait on the corner

With my pen and my pad

Thinking that, maybe, 

This Muse thing's a fad

There's a bus going uptown

And one going down

Another will take me 

Clear across town

I don't have a schedule

But I'll wait a bit more

It has to come by here

It did so before

Or maybe, just maybe

This bus isn't real

Maybe its just all

Diabolical spiel

To lure victims in

To caputre their minds...

What is it really

I'm hoping to find?

I missed the bus

So now I'll go home

With my pen and my pad

To write all alone




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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 18th Sep 2019 01:16

Thanks Adam

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Adam Rabinowitz

Tue 17th Sep 2019 02:49

But after writing...post here so we can read. Enjoyed your bus stop Musings.

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Don Matthews

Tue 17th Sep 2019 00:06

You left me on a sad note at the end Lisa:

"So now I'll go home
With my pen and my pad
To write all alone"

But you've taken a step in the right direction to attracting your Muse Lisa. You've referred to her as Muse not common old garden variety muse. Thalia insisted this of her. Gotta treat the ladies with due respect my friend. (how would you like being referred to as mr bass.? No you wouldn't) She could still be hanging around from Philipos's Bus Tour, mateless. They pine when mateless, so don't fret.....?

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Lisa C Bassignani

Mon 16th Sep 2019 23:49

With respect to Philipos, Don and Thalia and all others who participated in the Muse theme.

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