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A rose garden at altitude under occupation

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Contemplate a rose garden

On this roof-garden of the world,

especially in mid-winter,

under occupation.


I picture this rose garden,

this secret garden of the soul,

where all that is good and all that is fine

are written in the tender-script divine

of the Tibetan Book of the Dead - 

some things are better left unsaid.


Here certain black persian berries tantalise us

and dates from Al'Andalus are sent to tempt us;

the figs of all the world are fine, just fine, the wine is just fine, too

but , in a rose garden at altitude, under occupation,

chinese herbs help me see the prayer bells chime;

the tibetan plateau  is all around me now and Chinese soldiers show their guns glitter in the sun.

Monks scurry by, hiding their eyes,

where all that was left, of being free, has drained away externally;

secret smiles in this thin air are rare beneath skies so very high

while, underneath the walls, new chinese troops are marching by;

our temple is, now, within us

our deaths hath been foretold.

All is, as it was before,

foorsteps in the snow.



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keith jeffries

Thu 12th Sep 2019 09:30


This poem caught my mood this morning as for some days I have felt a sense of desolation about the world. It may seem strange but the words of Boenhoffer came to mind "then they came for the socialists, then the gypsies and now for the monks". We are engaged in a constant battle of spiritual warfare where the divine script is torn into shreds by the tyranny of man. This poem helped me to see a comparison between what we can strive for yet at the same time what we are up against.

A precious and superb piece of writing for which I thank you.


Lynn Hamilton

Thu 12th Sep 2019 07:28

Where has my comment gone? Deleted Profile

Lynn Hamilton

Thu 12th Sep 2019 07:28

Where has my comment gone? Deleted Profile

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