Goodbye Typewriter


The computer

has replaced the typewriter

but it's not the same

too easy

too sterile

with the typewriter it was a war

pounding away at keys

the noise of the carriage

wrestling with the ribbon

it was a battle of man vs. machine

ultimately the man won

but he paid the price

with sore fingers

and exasperation caused by

the wrinkled product

White Out smudged all over hands and page

if you could write with a type-writer

every word was a victory

when you heard the last ding of the bell

the copy pulled out from the roller

the typewriter surrendered

reluctantly waved the white page

you won the war

typewriters are silent now

we only see them in garage sales

or in museums

yet we still remember

the clash of the carriage

the clamor of keys

goodbye typewriter

your lasting legacy

you taught us how to write.


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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Sep 2019 11:15

I see what you mean Ruth. And yes, it needs its time of glory on centre stage. It's feeling a bit sad being relegated to a mere comment. Thalia is nodding her head in agreement with you. I better do it. Going against Thalia is one thing. Going against two women is double trouble....

dk - see what you've done? I've got two women at me now.....

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 19th Sep 2019 10:52

Don you should use this typewriter poem as a main post!

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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Sep 2019 13:41

I am a little typewriter
Sitting in the shop
I may look old and type-worn
But still can type full stops ..........

My keys are still together
My ribbon is intact
My 'a' through use so many times
Is just a little cracked

I see you looking at me
Through the window shop
Please take me home and love me
Buy me now, chop-chop 😎

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Ruth O'Reilly

Wed 18th Sep 2019 11:39

What did the typewriter say to the paper? You're not my Type...That was the first bad joke I made up when I was about 6 years old 😁

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