Fanny Arlington

In slow stately ballroom style
she dances in triple time
a stylistically refined minuet
with her partner but not in step.

He, being mesmerised with
her beguiling beauty
and electric personality
as the orchestra plays
in ambiguous tempo or so he says

Not tiring, Fanny looks to refresh
her performance by swapping
dance partners, and so I move
swiftly in

No need for introductions
as we sweep across
a now sparse dance floor
looking up and nothing more

Dance, dance, dance the minuet
keep it tight, keep it in step
Dance, dance, dance the minuet
Fanny Arlington no regrets

“Perhaps kind sir it’s time to rest
I feel my heart racing through my breasts
I cannot perceive what may ensue
 if I continue this minuet with you”

So, from the floor we quickly leave
and separate to give relief
so that Fanny has chance to catch her breath
just before she lapses into death....
RIP my Fanny Arlington
The Urban Poet 2018





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Don Matthews

Sun 15th Sep 2019 23:02

Good heavens! you danced her to death. You swine....?
Unless this is a true story I know nothing about....

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