Palestine protesters demonstrating outside H.S.B.C.

Girls certainly know how to shop,

As into our shopping precincts they drop.

They carry more bags than us men,

Filling their bags agen and agen.


Girls you keep our economy alive,

Without you it would not survive.

Males purchase probably one in ten,

Our economy would be dead if it was up to men.


Colourful accessories you girls do buy,

To attract the attention of many a male eye.

Charity shops would be dead,

You girls keep them well fed.


Discarding each offload generously to them.

Creating space in your wardrobe for a new gem.

A gem to wear and sparkle as you walk down the sreet,

Giving us men a thrill and a treat.


Without going into a shop to spend,

And enticing our banks to further lend.

Its cheaper to sit on a bench for me,

And watch Palestine protesters at H.S.B.C.




◄ A political plea.ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!

No chicks at the flicks ! ►


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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 15th Sep 2019 17:39

Love How this wasn't about the protesters till the very end

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