I Hear Freedom Singing


I hear young innocents singing

united against fear

they wave Old Glory proudly

to them it's still held dear


Arm and arm against oppression

ever yearning to be free

a choice of insurrection

against gross tyranny


Who will stand beside them

who will choose to dare

face down overt aggression

like those in Tiananmen Square


Were not we alike rebellious

against an oppressive king

should not we stand with these now

in solidarity let us sing


Who else is there to lend a voice

how can we just ignore

join forces for their freedom

like we've always done before


And affirm our revolution

oppose what suppression brings

force tyrants to submission

and again, let freedom ring.



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keith jeffries

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 11:46


Noble sentiments in a well rhymed poem. Penguin raises an interesting point about freedom fighters. The Israelis regard the Palestinians as terrorists but others see them as freedom fighters. Having said that I stand firmly alongside the pro democracy movement in Hong Kong which faces a dictatorship.

Thank you for this


Tue 3rd Sep 2019 11:25

I'd have liked the poem to be more specific, rather than about "Freedom fighters everywhere" . Fighters for freedom often end up on opposing sides, after all. In short, whose side are you on?


Tue 3rd Sep 2019 11:15

For Freedom Fighters everywhere
whoever they may be
a reminder it takes courage
to fight for Liberty.

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