A Hunting We Will Go.



The Tunnel Rat is small, yet strong.

Just like the Vietcong.

He fights with a pistol and a torch.

VC have scorpions on their front porch.

The tunnels are long and narrow.

Dug out by hand, hoe and barrow.

Tunnels with their buffers and bends.

Deflect the explosives the Americans send.

Tunnel Rats have to crawl on their knees.

It’s a bit tight, a bit of a squeeze.


Send in some gas, to flush them out.

The soldiers wait and wonder about.

No one comes out, so they go down.

The entrance is small, round and brown.

Got inside, started to choke.

The tunnel is still full of smoke.

They come upon a small trap door.

The visibility is still very poor.

They lay on the floor, and fire their gun.

They shoot a VC in his bum.


Up the tunnel, into a room.

See some boxes, in the gloom.

Lots of guns and ammo.

Hiding under nets of cammo.

Some of them rather large.

Better use a five pound charge.

Set the charges ready to blow.

Start to move out, really slow.

Keeping the red light on the ground.

Make a signal, not a sound.


Ten minutes, to get out.

You can hear the VC shout.

The Rats crawl faster.

But the VC is the master.

The Rats fire off a shot.

Hit the VC, they can not.

VC fires back.

Hits the Tunnel Rat Jack.

Coming to the last bend.

Jack stays to defend.


His buddy makes it to the hole.

Crawling along like a mole.

Comes out into the light.

Pulls himself up, with all his might.

Hands the wires, to the Engineer.

A soldier gives him a can of beer.

Connects the wires to a box.

Twists the plunger, till it locks.

An explosion makes the ground shake.

Not a difference, will it make.


By:- Mick Stewart.

◄ Vietnam's Forgotten Army.

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keith jeffries

Fri 20th Sep 2019 21:59


such a detailed poem of events long since out of the news and the scope of many but a scene which still haunts all those who have been engaged in one conflict or another. Well rhymed and very well described.

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Fri 20th Sep 2019 21:20

I love the quick fire lines that emphasize the sense of impending danger and the tight spaces. Paints a very strong scene and is just the right length to take us on a journey. Full of enjoyable atmosphere.

A pleasure to read Mick.

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