why i like Poets

Poets: a menagerie of creative minds,

Risen above societal class;

They see not whether, it's half-full or half-empty;

Poets see the beauty of the glass.


Versemakers are free and tolerant souls

-no finicky rules, in poetry.

They care more about rhythm-and-rhyme, than grammar;

-AND around Poets, I can be me!

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lisa donohoe

Wed 4th Sep 2019 15:06

This is beautifully written ' a really enjoyable piece ❤
Keep them coming x

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 4th Sep 2019 13:28


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Raj Ferds

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 07:28

A wonderful tribute to our tribe of scribes Chrystel.

Starting now, I'm going to meditate on seeing the beauty of the glass. as Jason pointed out.

Raj x

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Don Matthews

Sun 1st Sep 2019 23:18

I'm a lowly rhymer
Put rhythm in me verse
Oh? Was that ungrammatical?
How damnably perverse

Of me.....?

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 1st Sep 2019 23:08

"Poets see the beauty of the glass."

That is such a profound line, and one that I will endeavour to live up to.
Added to favourites.

J. x

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 1st Sep 2019 20:55

But Chrystel why the "rhyme" or the "rhythm"?

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