Bloke Walks Into a Pub

Is this the place for the poetry night?
Is it you that’s in charge?
Can you put me down for a spot on the open mic?
It’s Publius, but I use the stage name Virgil.
Can you put me on early?
I’m a little bit nervous.
I haven’t read for two thousand years.
Three minutes, is that all?
I was hoping to do a longer one.
It’s called The Aeneid.
I’ll just do book two.
There’s a good bit in that
where a guy gets killed by snakes.
I think you’ll like it.
It’s in Latin, by the way.
Is that alright?


(From my pamphlet, 'Killing the Piano', which was launched two years ago yesterday)

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Don Matthews

Wed 11th Sep 2019 15:58

Sheesh! it's in Latin, do you mind Joe!
You provide an interpreter as well?
Oh sorry, your name's Virgil not Joe then?
Oh bugger, I've muffed that, oh hell ?

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