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The homeless problem is here to stay,

There is no sign of it going away.

"We are human beings just like you,

Fed up of sleeping next to poo!"


A homeless man sleeping outside H.S.B.C.

It can happen to anyone,even you and me.

"Price of things are going up,

Please put something in my cup."


It is not easy to get off the street,

As more disasters the homless meet.

Death creeps in a tornado like winter,

More homeless humans ,cold and skinter.


A lady sits cross legged outside  Greggs,

Hoping for her next meal ,sadly begs.

Ask her if she is okay,

Buy her a sandwich and make her day.


"I used to like camping not any more,

Someone crept in,no lock on my door.

In the morning he woke up still very drunk,

Ranting and raving ,smelt like a skunk."



Numerous people bedding down in the city centre,

Unable to buy or become a renter.

"Stranded I need a key fob,

For a place to stay and get a job."


Drama ,chaos,stress and sorrow,

On the horizon for their tomorrow.

The homeless problem is here to stay,

No signs yet, of it going away.




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Tue 10th Sep 2019 14:36

I would not like to walk in their shoes, Hugh.
Thank's for the well-written reminder.

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