Birds Of A Feather


one bird

limps across the parking lot

like a peg-leg pirate

he is gimpy

but not wimpy

he gets along quickly

despite his disability

he has to find that chip bag

before the others

so he limps with firm purpose

he has learned

to be smarter than the others

to use his wits


bird two

has no tail

he looks like he has been in

a fight or a car wreck

all scruffy and beat up looking

feathers askew

he stays back until

the others have cleared out

then rushes in for the remains

he has learned

not to pick any more fights

until his tail grows back

and he has recovered from his wounds

and recovered his pride


birds of a feather


some with less feathers

than others.




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M.C. Newberry

Mon 16th Sep 2019 15:21

This creative conjuring-up of what can be seen around towns and
cities everywhere has me thinking of my own observations of
birds - usually the much maligned (undeservedly so) pigeons
whose brushes with the machines of man-made modernity have
often left them injured/disabled. One with what seemed to be a
broken wing (probably the result of a collision with a vehicle) was
seen trying to take refuge at the rear of a pavement on a busy city street. I was moved to call the local RSPCA number and hope it
was a solution. The bird wasn't around the next time I passed by,
but the reason(s) remain unknown. Moral: all living creatures need
a helping hand sometimes and, unlike many if not all of other forms
of life, humanity has the ability and the emotional response to offer
assistance in time of need.

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Don Matthews

Mon 16th Sep 2019 13:11

Birds with no feathers
Depend on their wits
To scrounge what's left over
The left-over bits ?


Mon 16th Sep 2019 11:12

like people, birds have to deal with life,
despite bad luck, they survive by determination.

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