War-no option

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War-no option

Friday,13th September 2019


Had the war been an easy option?

everybody may choose it as captioned subject

go in for a quick result

and create a new cult


the war was never a reality

but the demonstration of ability

with the show of might and strength

and preparedness to go at any length

when the head of the state

turns dictator and relates

the constitution obligation

it almost becomes impossible for the international relation


the person tends to threaten the territorial integrity

and even invades another country

to make slave state

and thus irritate the public opinion


when the army becomes fully involved

in the political arena then the state gets revolved

in authoritarian set up

the fundamental right get shut up

the war becomes then inevitable

putting the people and other countries to struggle

for the defense

and this brings the entire area into conflicts


Hasmukh Mehta



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