"It” was unable to determine,
why everyone was disgusted on its birth?
Why mother hid "it" from the world?
Why "it" never got affection from elders unlike other kids?
Why world was different for "it"?
Why "it" was molested?
Why "it" becomes the object of cheap humor and lust?
Why "it's" desire to dress up was considered inappropriate?
Why "it" has to suppress the desires?
Why "it" has to struggle just for dignity?
Why "it" was unsupported, unsafe?
Why "it" was gifted lewd comments when tried to earn livelihood with respect?
Why world was so uncomfortable, unacceptable and disrespectful for "it"?
Why "it" can't live like he or she when "it" has both he and she?
Why "it" always received unwanted stares?
Why grammar also didn't hold a pronoun for "it"?
Just because "it" doesn't choose to be the transgender.
Or "it" isn't human like he or she?

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Don Matthews

Mon 23rd Sep 2019 00:16

Very good Ankita....

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