The year is 2019

The U.K and U.S have been taken over by xenophobic sociopaths with floppy hair

People haven’t got time to notice the absurdity, because they’re working 6 jobs

The retirement age is about to be raised to 103

My mate John paid more tax than Amazon did last year - John is a cleaner

We all still miss Freddie Mercury immensely

There’s an app that can track planes across the sky- but sadly - still not one

That can tell us what those hand gestures at the car wash mean

(Do we turn the wheel left, right, or move forward?  Who knows!)

We’re kinda figuring out that plastic is really bad but still buying it

The stuff is everyfuckingwhere but we’re not getting it

The satellites can’t scan your butties if you wrap them in tin foil, FACT!

We spend more on our pets than our homeless, but dogs are cute as fuck

We look at our phones more than the stars

Old people are very lonely, and so are young people, and those in between

Somewhere something got lost - but we can’t find it

Like when you lose your keys and keep going back to the same place

And you point at that place and say “They should be there!”

Over and over, they should be there, but they aren’t there

It’s like in 2019 we lost our keys to our own world, and our own lives.

“They should be there!” (But they’re not.)


Ged Thompson


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Emilia Callahan

Fri 27th Sep 2019 13:28

This is such a great poem. It's a sad world we live in. Thank you for sharing!

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Don Matthews

Thu 26th Sep 2019 23:57

Very good.....and true....sadly.

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