Mr. Sand Man

My balance is very finite

I felt it coming

I dreamed of my past life

I felt the love we held as I gazed into her eyes

I awoke and felt the pain in my heart

tried to ignore it, but it grew

the ugly couldn't mask it forever

it found me in deep stillness, and whispered the forgotten lore

the scabs were ripped off

I couldn't stop the bleeding

it hurt

no matter the pressure, I could not hold it back

I grew weaker

and weaker

I fell when I touched the tender point where the tip of the dagger once pierced

I tried to be strong 

it was useless

I had to surrender

an emotional mind fuck

then a woman

as if she understood

gave me hope at my point of pain

with a warm embrace

I felt her love

and now I wonder

have I laid the past to rest

and is it now that I can move on

or will you find me in my sleep again


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