No Comparison

And if i said

that the breeze

lilting and chill

brought more evening peace

even than the quiet pools

of your orange-rimmed irised eyes

that the wasp buzz

near silver rim cider

hummed cool fermentation

of celebration more joyous

even than shower songs

wet and resonant

on love struck Sunday

that legatto triads

of birdsong

chippered away

at melancholy day

more even than framed photos

of laughing children torso-bare

flower petals underfoot


And If I felt that warm-breathed panting

of cool nosed canines

kissed sweeter than lipsticked lips

that spotlit halved moon

hung more beautiful 

than silver silhouetted 

lace ensconced breast pendant

that green grass edge tickled

lighter than feathered fingertips


would you still dance

the days of your life

next to me knowing

that my words and feelings

would make us forever late

for the gatherings of souls

or would you quietly look 

at my eyes downcast

lips edge tightening

knowing I was

about to laugh 

at my own lies.

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Mae Foreman

Wed 18th Sep 2019 23:25

Oh deep deep stuff. Very good! At last some of that instead of the usual love-related poems. You opened the door to the truth. Excellent 🎈


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Adam Rabinowitz

Mon 9th Sep 2019 01:25

Thanks, Martin. I so appreciate the encouragement.

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Martin Elder

Sun 8th Sep 2019 16:57

Beautiful an absolutely beautiful poem. It has a great pace and rhytm to it

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Adam Rabinowitz

Sat 7th Sep 2019 15:19

Thanks, Devon.
With your encouragement I feel less like I am out of poems.

Devon Brock

Sat 7th Sep 2019 10:53


This is stunning. The if/then structure of the poem bricked with layer upon layer of concrete imagery is immaculate in its mounting pressure. "Hummed cool fermentation" - you devil! This whole poem hums cool fermentation.


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