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Convoy To The Mekong.



Forty trucks, one mile long.

Going down to the Mekong.

ACAVs at the front and back.

Just in case of a VC attack.

Six Gun Trucks are there too.

Spread out amongst the queue.

The convoy commander, in his gun Jeep.

Giving out orders to keep things sweet.

Engineers and Mechanics came along.

Just in case things go wrong.


Carrying s...

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The Real Casualties.



Many Vietnamese civilians died in the war.

The My Lai Massacre was one for sure.

Lt. Calley and his men.

Wiped out a whole village by ten.

Bodies in a hooch lot’s in a ditch.

Ordered by Calley, that son of a bitch.

He thought it was hostile, no guns were found.

None in the hooch, none on the ground.

A Helicopter pilot disobeyed an order...

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They did not want to fight, the white mans war.

There was a war at home, knocking on their door.

Some were drafted, some broke the law.

It was off to prison or off to war.

Jimi Hendrix would not go.

Cassius Clay, he said no.

Stripped of his title, and off to jail.

Some burnt their draft cards, they got in the mail.

Some went to C...

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Charlie's story.

              CHARLIE’S STORY.


They seek him here, they seek him there.

They’re looking for Charlie everywhere.

Look up high, look down low.

Where he is, you’ll never know.

In the bushes, in the grass.

Charlie will creep, right up your arse.

Snipes from high up in the trees.

Or in a Bunker, on his knees.

You won’t find him, no matter what.

All you’ll do, is get s...

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Children In Vietnam.



Children in Vietnam, suffer the most.

Covered in Napalm, burned like toast.

Bullets kill kids, just the same.

Both armies bow their heads in shame.

No school today, it’s been blown away.

No house either, no where to stay.

No time to play, only to work.                                                                                             ...

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How do you mend a broken heart?

After it’s been torn apart.

You could always drink a lot.

Or smoke a load of pot.


These will make it worse.

Heartbreak is a real curse.

Take some pills to help you sleep.

She’s still there in you head, buried deep.


Then you see things that aren’t really there.

You think it’s real, shows you ca...

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I’m a bit of a loner.

Not many friends.

That’s why it hurts so much.

When one of them ends.


A trusted close friend.

For me is so rare.

Someone I can talk to.

My soul I lay bare.


Dealing with feelings.

I don’t do so well.

I keep them locked inside.

Until my head starts to swell.


Writing a poem.

Or maybe a story.


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1/9th "We Can We Will".


To join the Air Cav, was every pilots dream.

The First of the Ninth, they weren’t so keen.

Life expectancy wasn’t very long.

Flying low, to flush out the Vietcong.

Loaches flying at tree top level.

Sold their souls, to the Devil.

Cobra swooping in for it’s kill.

Wiping out all the VC on that hill.

Charlie Troop, are the best of the best.

Better t...

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A Hunting We Will Go.



The Tunnel Rat is small, yet strong.

Just like the Vietcong.

He fights with a pistol and a torch.

VC have scorpions on their front porch.

The tunnels are long and narrow.

Dug out by hand, hoe and barrow.

Tunnels with their buffers and bends.

Deflect the explosives the Americans send.

Tunnel Rats have to crawl on their knees.

It’s a bit tight...

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Vietnam's Forgotten Army.


She went to Nam, very strong and bold.

She soon got tired and very old.

She had to become, callous and bitter.

As another man comes in on a litter.

She learns a lot, very quickly.

Sometimes in haste, it ended tragically.

Putting men behind a screen to die.

The Vietnam war was just a lie.

Evac was like a grotesque production line.

Another pati...

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The Shooter

          THE SHOOTER.


Photography is getting the best shot.

In Vietnam, easy it was not.

Plenty of subjects to pick.

Shutter goes click….click….click.

Get in focus, depth of field.

Use the Camera, as a shield.

Life behind the Viewfinder.

Is your own, and much kinder.

SLR, see through lens.

Catches the image, makes more sense.


Dana Stone, Sean Flynn.


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Jungle Blues




What a war, what a sham.

GI Joe big and strong.

Could not beat the Vietcong.

Rain and mud, mud and rain.

Take the strain, take the pain.

Leaches stick, Leaches suck.

Carry that prick, carry that ruck.

Soaking feet, soaking boots.

Tripping over, wet tree roots.


Coming under heavy fire.

Look out for tha...

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