He Stepped Inside

He Stepped Inside

The key was inside the lock

He went forward and opened the door

Alone and unobserved he entered

To find the gullible and the willing

He latched onto those who deprecated others

The resentful he nurtured

Unseen he cast his net far and wide

He appointed leaders to receive adulation

Their prupose and strength he fortified

He gave them full rein for their perverse ideas

Brutality and violence sprouted forth

He was delighted with the success of his hands

A conquest to suffocate good will and love

He danced a jig as their joy sank into suffering

Their demise was his ultimate goal

A supreme victory

His handiwork completed he rejoiced

Until he heard the sound of the door

Being locked behind him

He was trapped in the hell of his own making

Together with his proteges he squirmed and burned

His opportunity and creation was his downfall

into the abyss of eternal destruction

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keith jeffries

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 10:45


Thank you for your comment. As you will know he is alive and well and creating maximum mayhem in today´s world. The six o clock news bears evidence to this.


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Martin Elder

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 09:55

very eloquently put as always Keith. A wonderful take on this particular individual.

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keith jeffries

Sun 1st Sep 2019 23:36

Thank you Devon, Ruth and Jason for your appreciation and comments. Ruth, there are no prizes but a clue maybe. He lives in impenetrable darkness......Milton´s Paradise Lost!


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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 1st Sep 2019 23:07

Really enjoyed the suspense of the beginning of this poem. Reading through this No prizes for guessing who this is about.

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 1st Sep 2019 23:02

Beautifully put and in varying degrees, true for all of us. We each step through lifes doors and only too often miss the sound of the lock clicking behind us, but such is life.

I suppose the real skill is truly knowing what rooms you're stepping into.

J. x

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