Why is the creation

not a story of tears

birth is pain

creation grief

the made is always unmade

the end waits

baleful and patient


There are two eternities of darkness...


The before

Before conquerors enwombed their seeds

shaped like the tears of women

and un-entombed lay the gray

detritus of the fallen

before ancestors were driven 

from hearth stumbling

falling on cold roads alone

before empires burned language 

onto the tongues of slaves

before iron and bronze 

and the moans on the battlefields 

of the abandoned

a gangrenous sound

ended only by scavenger’s tooth

or simply cold time


The after

after children's children's children 

no longer laughed 

at their children’s sweet smiles 

after slaves became masters 

and even their new language 

passed from the memories of mountains

now diminished and gone

after metal ripped from raped lands

became highways that brought news of tragedies 

no-one heard 

except those whose hearts were branded

by the heat of the suffering


So this ‘tween light is blinked and short

with all details silhouetted

with all meaning muted 

with all comfort from kin or kingdom covered

by the darkness before power 

by the darkness after glory 

by the darkness forever

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Mae Foreman

Mon 7th Oct 2019 13:02

I'll second Rose, a veritable masterpiece! Wow, wow, wow!
Thank you!?


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Adam Rabinowitz

Sat 21st Sep 2019 13:01

Thanks Keith,

I feel a bit grim so no surprise that it comes out here but I am comforted by your regard for the piece.

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keith jeffries

Sat 21st Sep 2019 12:57


A poem which is grim in content and offers little comfort but so very well written. I cannot fault what is said and in particular I like the lines, "before empires burned language onto the tongues of slaves".There has to be light if only to see the silhouette.

Good poem

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Adam Rabinowitz

Sat 21st Sep 2019 12:52

Thank you for reading and responding, Rose....

I very much appreciate the compliment.

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Rose Casserley

Sat 21st Sep 2019 12:47

a veritable masterpiece Adam. Thank you!

Rose ?

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