How do we know.

Here we are.


Have we actually learned from our pain?

Have we shifted in such a way we embrace and handle it better…

Or have we become more deeper we dont know any other way.


We can share our stories with hopes it might save or help someone relate, know that time will heal.  Or we could be hanging onto a broken rope that lets us drop right back to that terrible place.  


Does it help us not feel trapped because maybe it is better to share the story with intention someone else may be able to find some comfort maybe even some strength.


Is it even worth sharing  , when in reality no one actually understands that moment. We share the air the ground but inside our minds is the only place that doesnt have a share button. We can’t see through eachothers eyes or even feel the same feelings just relate from time to time.


We have fallen trapped to find some sense of blame, somehow make sense to the thoughts we claim. We gripp onto others to not feel alone. 


So do we share our stories or do we just embrace such faith. Will never actually know, one thought now will always change. 

We learn more information and of course time will always keep going . We cannot go back or relive a age we can only grow with hope some passion or just anger and rage.


But I cant compell hiding away

Maybe sharing is what brings the better shift maybe its fake.

Im so mad but i feel some kind of pace


Maybe were programmed to run in circles tryingto find the answers only to ignore and flea to escape. If we care to crave to be better what is the way to even discover ? how do we know our purpose exsits maybe this is all a lie and were not actually meant to give a shit.


Now do we share ? im still unsure and wish for answers not sit here making no fucking sense.

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