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This is about my first dog who sparked off my interest in the paranormal due to experiences I had related to him from a young age


When you were a baby

I was a pup

I was always there

To cheer you up

I'd guard your pram

Outside the shops

With my nose

On your door

I'd often knock

I loved days

When we used

To play ball

I'd lick your knee

Each time

You'd fall

You read to me

I'd listen back

Sat at your feet

Or with my head

On your lap

For your first 7 years

I was your best friend

All the time

Together we'd spend



So on the day

When that car

Knocked me down

I promised you

I'd stick around

That's why I'd appear

In friendly visions

The bond between us 

Will forever live on

Although you can

No longer see me

That way

Right beside you

I will always stay

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Don Matthews

Sat 7th Sep 2019 04:47

Well done Ruth...

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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 6th Sep 2019 11:54

I have read some studies about this before as I used to study dog behavior. Thanks for this link Jason, and for reading my poem.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 6th Sep 2019 11:52

I completely agree Hugh, It's their pureness of spirit & unconditional love. Thanks for reading

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 6th Sep 2019 11:44

Did you know that studies have now shown that the human/dog relationship is so close and so deeply ingrained, that dogs have evolved different facial muscles to their wild ancestors so that they can mimic human expressions? It's such a close relationship that I feel sorry for those that have never experienced it.

J. x


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Fri 6th Sep 2019 11:26

The human-dog bond is special,they hypnotise you with their eyes as no other animal can.

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