Never serious, Never settled

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Like a tourist, always exploring

Not countries though No airplanes needed

Just a head full of air, Totally unaware 

Of any pain that maybe caused


There he goes 

Packing that ol' case of his again

Or should that be Trunk?

Elephants sure did have a

Habit of occupying every room

He went in to

Maybe one day 

He'll open a zoo

Just with Elephants


His life was a circus

And he was a clown

But the lion tamer

Stood there



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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 04:50

Clever riposte.

Mayor? I thought he was Mare, now put out to pasture. A very big one it appears. Seems he's got into some fisticuffs with other mares and fillies. Silly me. What would I know?

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 01:50

They just momentarily step out of the circus ring to adjust their make up, you're also clever Don to pick up on Mr ex mayor here?

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 23:56

Very, clowns just wear out naturally or demise in a sudden implosion of buffoonery?......

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