Our Fathers


Notice in today's world

the absence of fathers

women walk around

with their kids in tow

but with no father around

any day of the week

the one missing is the dad

the husband

the partner

so this is what we have come to

hundreds of thousands of one-parent kids

being raised without fathers

with no concept of discipline or responsibility

without a strong example

what they are missing is

a male voice

a father's guidance and firm hand

a father's advice and wisdom

a father's keep your nose clean kind of direction

a kind of father that tells them when they are wrong

and when they need to own up

a kind of father that goes to work for 40 years

to put food on the table

a roof over their head

what they will never know

is that kind of self-sacrificing love

a quiet kind of love

the love of Our Fathers.


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Sun 1st Sep 2019 20:44

d.k. you speak plainly, straightforwardly of one of the greatest causes of why 'civilisation' is where it is today. The two great wars meant that for generations there just were not enough fathers to perpetuate fatherhood as a core component of society. Then seeped in the wholesale denigration of patriarchy and 'Jack the Lad' become the dominant male role model.
Thanks for your gentle male voice.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 1st Sep 2019 15:39

Timely indeed and full of old but perennially relevant wisdom about
the importance of a "dad" in life. I lost my own father before I was
old enough to know him (I was five) and my step-father sadly
suffered by comparison in retrospect, perhaps because he had previously brought up a family of his own and was old enough
to be my grandfather when I was moving through my formative
years and he became a distant figure in my own life. However,
I was to become more self-reliant, so there can be a positive
side to some negative aspects experienced in growing up.

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