I apply a light to the bowl of my pipe

draw flame through the tobacco;

its secrets of pleasure are soon revealed

chasing the air in a pact.

We smoke together,


nothing can come between us

except time, never lasting forever.

On lonely days

I take to manicuring the briar

buffing it like an apple ripe

filling her bowl with new delight

then, once again I complete the cycle

light the bowl of my neverlasting pipe.





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Sun 29th Sep 2019 21:15

Thanks Jennifer for your memories and thoughts, you seem to have an endless supply of responses to what I write, such a lift to the spirits I have to say. One of the few pleasures and a comfort to the troubled soul too.


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jennifer Malden

Sun 29th Sep 2019 15:15

Lovely yet again. The complicity between the pipe and the smoker is so well expressed. It keeps the smoker company. My father smoked a pipe, and the yellow tobacco, in a special pouch, had a fantastic scent. (I gave up smoking at 8, yes eight. Having smoked several of those small packets of Players, and even her father's cigars, with a friend, we decided there was nothing in it for us)!


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Fri 20th Sep 2019 14:00

Thank you for reading and liking Avishek and Desmond. Appreciated as always.

Blimey, Jason. I should have been a salesman, although this is a purely selfish pursuit. It's not often we see the man with a pipe these days but I always speak to them as a duty. It is a bit of an art getting the best out of them, but I've been at it over fifty years now. Thanks for looking in.

That's a real tribute Graham and reaches the parts. The inner circle of pipe smokers are quite OCD about the best pipes and pay good money. I bought many pre used some from the states, and have a nice little harem of them. My older brother used to smoke falcon (metal stem), never cleaned it . Disgusting it was.
I could go on but i'll get my coat instead.

Hi Brian. There is still time to take it up , but have you got that money still? Great comment ! Actually, this vaping business is overseen by the NHS. Available in the pharmacy section at supermarkets now. Can you imagine?


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Brian Maryon

Wed 18th Sep 2019 23:08

I stopped smoking cigarettes 40 years ago and have saved myself more than £100,000 in real terms (really...work it out at £50 per week).

My friend's Dad smoked a pipe. We couldn't stand up for laughing when his wife said she loved a good shag (really said...no kidding).

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 18th Sep 2019 22:53

Never been a smoker Ray although most of my family were at once stage. Athletics saved me. However, there was always something about pipe smokers that had an over-arching allure. The fact that this piece of polished wood remained after the event (unlike cigarettes) to bear witness to and provide a souvenir of the aromas, always seemed a little special.

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 18th Sep 2019 22:27

I haven't smoked for over a year, maybe two years, and this, in a good way, made me want to light up right now.

J. x

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