I’m no one trick pony!

I saddled, rode and tamed you.

Walked through the fire & spit out the ashes then bathed with the smoke and that was just in passing. 

Lifted up other when I was in the trenches.

Soared over heartache-deflected all pain.

Only taking a break to feel the rain.

You see I never said I was perfect nor claim to be.

Just a lady with many layers, 

so many it astonished me.

Im no one trick pony!

AHA I thought you knew. 

I’ll plant a tree for shade

Walk miles for water

gather rocks for stew 

Birth a child

build up a village


Mother of nature, queen of existence.

Still you resist my position....

Even after I saddled, rode and tamed you.

Thats alright. This nation will grow, flourish no less with those who do not resist.



A feeling inside VS my wondering eye ►


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Jason Bayliss

Sun 15th Sep 2019 06:52

This really made me smile. Great poem. I love the confident defiance of it, as opposed to the gentle, subtle understanding of lines like, "Soared over heartache-deflected all pain, Only taking a break to feel the rain." Beautiful.

J. x

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Sun 15th Sep 2019 05:02

This was beautiful. I love the way you write, truly inspirational.

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