The Shooter

          THE SHOOTER.


Photography is getting the best shot.

In Vietnam, easy it was not.

Plenty of subjects to pick.

Shutter goes click….click….click.

Get in focus, depth of field.

Use the Camera, as a shield.

Life behind the Viewfinder.

Is your own, and much kinder.

SLR, see through lens.

Catches the image, makes more sense.


Dana Stone, Sean Flynn.

Can never leave there again.

Larry Burrows, Robert Capa.

He was a very good snapper.

Donald McCullin, Tim Page.

Nearly didn’t make it, at one stage.

Henri Huet, Bernard Fall.

Even the French ones, got the call.

Dickie Chapelle, Kent potter.

Their shots got, hotter and hotter.


Fire rained down, poor Kim Phuk.

Just happened to be there, was Nick Ut.

Through the red smoke the, Huey’s land.

Tim Page’s camera, always at hand.

U.S Marine sitting down, all done in.

This photo was taken by, Don McCullin.

The flight of Yankee Papa 13, didn’t go right.

Larry Burrows, will never forget this flight.

Saigon police chief, shoot to kill.

Eddie Adam’s, got this still.


On their Hondas or Mini Moke.

They were there, that’s no joke.

Taking the shots, risking their lives.

No thought of their family, or wives.

To get the shot, for the Pulitzer prize.

On the cover of Time, was Tim Page’s surprise.

On the water, land or air.

The war Photographer was always there.

Out there risking life and limb.

Chance of survival, was very slim.


Working for Magnum or UPI.

Going freelance, but prices were high.

Taking the shot, right or wrong.

Getting paid in the Dollar or Dong.

Selling your prints, for the highest price.

For a beer in the evening, that was nice.

Having to knock, on the darkroom door.

To have to develop, just a few more.

Tim Page said, “War was fun”.

Out there in the morning sun.


Hanoi to Saigon.

The Shooter had gone.

Out in the Field and Boonies.

The Shooter’s were loonies.

On Patrol Boats, or up in a Huey.

They must have been, a bit screwy.

Across a Paddy Field or a Stream.

The Shooter was always seen.

To get the best shot, is what it’s all about.

Shots of the dead and wounded, had more clout.


Photos are memories, to keep forever.

Or make some money, if you’re clever.

Put in a book, or picture gallery.

It can give you a good salary.

Every picture tells a story.

Some you want to leave, back in history.

Some you wished you hadn’t taken.

No I was wrong, I was mistaken

You’re always surprised, with the pictures you take.

Along the way, the good friends you make.


By:- Mick Stewart.

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