Burning time

All my lights have been fixed

All the paths have been switched

I am here and still in a dream

or am I awake and fighting to scream


Now my eyes can see what's ahead

what I must believe and not destory myself again

I can't compell the shit I have lived ,all the tears that i have shed

alone in my bed and fighting to find a reason to not make this the end

I'm living now and always falling to quick

I'm learning I'm fully equipped but still chained to the darkness that pulls me down instead

Fighting with a mind that only keeps growing with time

slowly trying and believeing we are the fighters we only wished

We cant erase the emotion the moments we lived

We can fear and hide

but we will never win

we are always growing

hoping to never quit to never slip and end our times ahead

Our crys arnt a way to cope out now

We pitty lurselever to avoid defeat 

We fear the ground will break beneath 

We  cry out loud with smile no sound

No time to wonder only wonder what's coming around


Yet the time will pass more shit will come it won't last 


We can tell ourselves the end is it

But why not wonder what we can handle

what we can win

what life has in store for our new beginnings 


 we know our time is precious 

Anger is balance to appreciate the challenge

dwelling is only going to repeat the sadness

You can understand truth but put down the distractions the fucking ropes and chains you can detach from


Don't let your mind wonder to far

It's pointless trying to understand the parts that you lived and want something more

 you will become paranoid and torture your soul

control your emotions and find a balance for growth, for peace

for yourself to not give up and quit your story to be.


◄ How do we know.


Jackie Graham

Sun 22nd Sep 2019 05:12

Thank you 😃 appreciate the kindness

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Thu 19th Sep 2019 03:02

This is impressive! Love the use of rhyming for emphasis!

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