Which style of clothes we choose to wear

Are those designer labels on show there?

Or supermarket jeans with matching top

Did that bag come from an online shop?

Got to dress-up that look, make it “you”

Designer a must, branded training shoe


Myriad of gadgets await our pleasure

How exactly to enjoy our leisure?

Binned phone, new model pride of place

How is it better, this future we embrace?

Computers, pads, tablets, music storage devices

Plus the rest, of course, all at premium brand prices


Only one way to be totally able

Free yourself from any kind of label


We used to buy a car for what it did

A choice that brand awareness then undid

If it doesn’t wear the proper badge it’s tragic

Of course, it’s nice to have nice things, magic

Buying into designer experience is only a sham

For sure an Emperor’s New Clothes kind of scam


What is your job, who is your circle?

How to exist in the world most commercial?

How is your accent, are you eloquent enough?

Are you geeky or perhaps considered hot stuff?

Wearing shades in winter only for the look

Posting to impress to excess on facebook


Only one way to be totally able

Free yourself from any kind of label


Look within for the answers to our life

Chasing labels the cause of so much strife

Look within for the answer always been inside

Let intuition now be our eternal guide

Happiness our birthright, to be free of

Chasing labels and just feeling the love


Dean Fraser – The Quantum Poet (taken from A HEALING FOR GAIA)


# nature#protest poem#truly living

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Don Matthews

Wed 11th Sep 2019 09:54

The more that jeans will cost you
The longer they will last
The makers and retailers
Don't lie, make profits vast

I bought mine at a top jean shop
They said they'd last forever
Six months they've now got holes galore

(They lied, made profits vast...)

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Dean Fraser

Wed 11th Sep 2019 09:33

This poem came about when overhearing two teenagers in a jeans shop discussing which label is the one to wear and how the ones which last year were apparently cool, are now tragic to be seen in. And the jeans all looked pretty much identical as far as I could ascertain!

Thanks for the appreciation...much appreciated ?

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Rose Casserley

Tue 10th Sep 2019 13:46

how easily, covertly coerced are many ( defo excluding moi ) into going with the duped flow.

Great piece Dean.

Rose ?

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lisa donohoe

Tue 10th Sep 2019 08:38

What a poem ?
You have captured today society as it is. An absolute ego driven experience, all to keen to out do another.
The poor smile and dance in the rain while the rich keep there heads in the clouds.
I really enjoyed reading your piece ' keep them coming. Love and light to you x

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