My SEND Problem

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My SEND Problem


There is a problem I have got

I've really got to mend

To check my poem once, twice, thrice

Before I go press SEND


Now why do I this silly thing?

Embarrass myself so

I get excite and must press SEND

To go my poem, go


I know you wait with bated breath

For me to next press SEND

Give me some berth when I excite

(I'm trying hard to mend)


I've checked my spelling once, twice, thrice

It's ready, set to go

I'm now exite and pressing SEND

Go my poem go


You've got a spelling error.....


What? I checked it three times.....


Don Matthews 2017


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 29th Sep 2019 15:35

It just seems appropriate to add -
If you're eager to share
Be as eager to take care! 😔

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Don Matthews

Sun 29th Sep 2019 08:03

Chloe you have gotta
Check spelling prior to SEND
Like I've chekked my spelling here
Spellcheck I recomend....😎

You still got spelling errors....

Wot? I double checked it....

Chloe won't be impressed.

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Chloé Mballa

Sun 29th Sep 2019 07:49

I do this all the time 😂very relatable ! Good work

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Don Matthews

Tue 24th Sep 2019 23:30

Thankyou to everyone who liked it. I enjoyed writing it......

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Don Matthews

Tue 24th Sep 2019 23:29


I can live with typos in eemails, but not errors in posts.

I don't like seeing it in anyone's work. unless it is apparent English is their second language or unskilled with English, if you know what I mean.

To me, if someone is obviously proficient with the language it shows carelessness. It happens often.

I liked the linger/finger couplet 😎

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Don Matthews

Tue 24th Sep 2019 23:21


I've noticed girl you doing this
You do it quite the most
I wouldn't really mind so much
But please type in 'repost'.....😋

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 24th Sep 2019 16:55

Very true in my own experience with emails. How often it looks OK
and I send it - only to read the copy and discover a silly b....y
annoying typo!! Grrr.
I MUST tell myself to linger
Before I use that finger 😃

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 24th Sep 2019 16:11

Once I've sent a poem
I want to send one more
So eager was I to send it
I've just sent the one
That I sent before!

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