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Festival toilets

The weather is great

And the music is good

But I realy truly wish that I could

Hold it all in

But I need to pee

But those festival toilets are not for me

Because they smell so bad

And they look so grim

I feel like I'm going out on a limb.

It's too late I've breathed it in

The potty is filled up to the brim

Look at it it's overflowing

Maybe I should just get goin...

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Ordering drinks in a night club

Two pints of fosters and a JD and coke 

Two pints of fosters and a JD and coke please

Two pints of fosters and a JD and coke

No fosters

Two pints of fosters and a JD and coke



Yea, 2 pints

And a JD and coke


Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels

Yea, and coke



Pepsi? Yea that will be fine

I said that will be fine


Say a...

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She’s mixing vodka with echo falls
She’s taking Prozac and climbing the walls
She wants to silence the voice in her head
Determined that she won’t act out what he said
But life’s getting hard without any support
And all of her thoughts they begin to distort
The voices get angry when she won’t comply
And she longs to once more be that radient butterfly
As a child the colours were always so ...

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There is a hole in the ground

There is a hole in the ground 
And we  are all standing around
Staring into it
Wondering what is down there
Wondering who is down there
A hole in the ground
And it’s sparked our curiosity
What lies beneath?
In this abyss
It would be safer
If we all walked away
Just let it be
Let them be
But we don’t
We fetch long sticks and poles
And we poke and we prod
And we can’t leave it alone

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The flavour of her

After the rain on the damp with the dew
And the scent aromatic like sassafras
Where the girl walked bare foot 

the declivity steep
But an effortless jaunt, 

pinnacle to shallow in obstinate manor.
The girl in undress 

through the plaza she rides
Cheers plentiful,

 suitors in abundance

But her eyes fixed hungrily

 awaiting her nemesis.
And all this pluvial,

 the rain her ...

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Raindampdewbare footgirl


When the wind blows
And the snow starts to fall
And the sun is nowhere to be seen
When the skies are all grey
And the temperature plummets
And the morning frost lays like a blanket
The best place to be is a pub by the fire
With family and friends and our lovers
With great conversation and music 
Much laughter to lighten the mood
We can shut out the cold uninviting
And enjoy this brief i...

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Just dance

Its midnight

And all we are going to do is dance

We can’t drink anymore

We drank until we

had our fill

Now the beat of the music controls us

We couldn’t be still even if we wanted to be

The rhythm has us in its grip

And all we can do is dance

Just dance – moves our bodies in time with the tune

Its to loud to make conversation

And there are no words that we need


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Country file

Lets open up the country file

Lets find a place to go

Get up close to nature

Weather sun or rain or snow

Valley, lake or mountain

There is beauty all around

Yorkshire dale or Lake District

The jewels in Britain’s crown.

Lets get up close to nature

Lets go and explore

On foot or bike or horse back

In land or by the shore

England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales


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Down the market

carrots, apples spuds and fish
chocolate brownies, a porcelain dish
jeans and jumpers, pots and pans
stockings, bras and ornate fans
paintings of the lacal town
jackets, bags and a dressing gown
onsies that look like Donald duck
sweets to chew and sweets to suck
DVDs and home made jam
vinyl records by bross and wham!
perfume, deodorant, talk and soap

yorkshire parkin and a cantelope

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beerbootscakecarrotscraftshaticecreamjamjohn cooper clarkelemonademarketing

Ice cream and dreams of tomorrow

Down on the beach
I took your hand
And we walked along the sand
Then bare foot we paddled 
By the ebb of the tide
Then climbed over the dunes
And I kissed you there
In the afternoon sun
When the heat was at its strongest 
I held you in my arms
And felt your heart beating
Next to my own
I could have so easily got lost in your eyes
And there is nowhere else
That I would rather be

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dreamsice creamJon Sands

Still life

Noel and Liam have still not made up

And it looks like the millers will
never win the cup
Theresa is still in number ten
And not much has changed since
Maggies den
We are still plagued with mass unemployment
Far too many are becoming insolvent
Everywhere people sleeping on the street
Too many families with nothing to eat
Still we can't bridge the north south divide
People still wait f...

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crimeeconomyliesmaggies denmillesnhsOasispolicethesununemployment

Pits and pints

Dedicated to the coal miners of Britain..

The miners' strike of 1984–85 was a major industrial action to shut down the British coal industry in an attempt to prevent colliery closures. It was led by Arthur Scargill of the National Union of Mineworkers against the National Coal Board.

In the days when the pubs were full
With an ash tray on every table
When the smoke was like a fog
Casting ...

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1984 miners strikearthur scargilleMaggie Thatcherpintspitscoal board

Come what may

When they closed down my favourite record store
I shed a little tear
I used to buy my vinyl
With my pocket money here
Slowly all my childhood
Has been ripped out of this town
The bulldozers are coming in
My memories falling down
The bar where I drank my first beer
And floated in the stratosphere 
It’s now a store sells fancy goods
And smelly things and bath time suds
The sports shop wh...

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Record storeclosed downhigh street

Hats the way I like it

So I’m standing at the bus stop
Minding my business 
When all of a sudden I can feel somebody 
Watching me.
To the side of me is a man in a flat cap
“That’s a very nice hat” he said
Gesturing to the hat on my head
“That’s a very very nice hat indeed”
He leaned in close
Examining my hat in detail
He took a step back
Looking me up and down from a distance
“Yes” he said “that is a very ve...

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Bowler hattop hatStetsonbeanie hatfedorapork pie hatflat cap

Has anybody seen my youth?

Has anybody seen my youth?
i left it here I could have sworn
I've looked in the loft
and I've looked in the shed
I've even looked underneath the bed
I've been round to the neighbours to see if its there
and I've looked in the cupboard under the stair
I've searched in every nook and cranny
I'm telling you this is really uncanny
because all at once I looked and it was gone
Just like those ...

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Youthgetting old

When the devil drives

I’m going down to the river
With my wash day blues
I’m going to go to a nightclub
In a pair of dancing shoes
I’m going to make a banner saying
‘All lives matter here’
I’m going to scale the rock face
That has always been too sheer
I’m going to sail across oceans
To spread the words of peace
To point out we don’t own this Earth
We only have it on lease
I’m going to go to a bookstore

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All lives matterriverbluesbannerbookstoresoapboxoceansnightclubdancing shoes

Life is cruel sometimes

I’ve waited on platforms
For trains that never arrived
Drank shots in cellar bars
On Tuesday nights
With in-betweeners
Who still believe in lady luck

I’ve walked along promenades
Been battered by the wind and the rain
Taken shelter in late night café’s
Drank coffee so strong

It made me shudder
I’ve read the beat poets so many times
But I never tire of the words
Of Ginsberg and Ker...

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Coffeecafebeat poetsginsbergJack Kerouacpromanadescruelamazingbandwagonswealthfriends

Under the bridge

The winds of change are blowing over the hills and storm clouds gather with momentum

For a moment we stand on the bridge

And look at the torrent below us

We observe the destruction caused by the gale

Before taking shelter under the bridge

Like transients we pick meat from a carcass

On a polystyrene tray

I dream of the archer and Aphrodite

Making out to the sound of tubular ...

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winds of changerape fieldssummers daytubular bellsAphroditearchertransientsvanilla


I am a whisper rustling through the trees
I am the ripple of a pebble in a stream 
I am the ember of a funeral pyre
I am the guilt of forbidden desire
I am the rumble of distant thunder
I am the elusive winning number
I am the clown with a broken smile
I am the letter at the bottom of the pile
I am the words that will never be spoken
I am the promise that is sure to be broken
I am the wa...

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funeral pyresforbidden desireswinning numberthunderbroken smilegutterdemonsbreed

Wake me up

Wake me up when the storm has passed
And the ravens have left the tower
Wake me up when the war machine
Has finally run out of power
Wake me up when the bigots
Have finally opened their eyes
And all of the presidents have given up telling lies
Wake me up when the tables have turned
And lessons have been learned


Wake me up when the big game hunters
Have finally paid for their crime

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NHSworking classcoal miningfood banksbig game huntesclimate changeBrexit

We crossed the line

We crossed the line so long ago
We crossed the line so long ago
it was never meant to be a constant battle
we were never suposed to go to war
that wasn't why we were put on this Earth
We crossed the line so long ago
We crossed the line so long ago
we were suposed to be a civilized race
the Human race
we were supposed to live together
peacefully, harmoniously
not tearing each other apart

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Give peace a chance

They dance in the shadows
Made by the trees
Branches stretched out
With long fingers
Claw like, grabbing
Taking a hold
And ripping at the soul
They dance
On the beaches
As the waves
Wash over them
Dragging them under
Taking their breath away
Saturated, sodden
Soaked to the skin
They dance
On a knife edge
Broken glass under feet
Bloodshot eyes
Roses and chocolate
A torn tapestry

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