Who the hell can see forever?

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Wild is the minute as storm seizes the sky

A new world of smell and sight and sound,

Wetness and wildness interlaced all around;

These portals of discovery abound.

Fully enter this world, this new newfoundland:

See the sheer vividness of colour, shade, shadow,

Hear the all round risibility of bird song, sound.

Flesh, blood, soul, air and all the half-created

Epiphanies of cloud and sky and sun everywhere

Enter the mind and fly fleeting from  the eye -

Meet the kippering clouds come rushing by.

Grasp these perceptions, cling to the day,

Instress this texture, and wild is the way.


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keith jeffries

Fri 13th Sep 2019 09:54


On a first reading I felt plunged into the eye of a storm with all its pertinent elements thrashing about and then having read it again I felt the inner storm and its destabilising effect on mind and soul. The words, "Grasp these perceptions,cling to the day" speak out as an anchor of stability. I shall read it again later but thank you for this.


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