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Mirror Lies

Through it I saw the real me

Turns out, it’s the figure I wanted

It reflected the brave me

Well, it’s the character I lacked


I got satisfaction in my reflection

The world saw a different image

I fine-tunned looks to my perfection

To my people it’s an ordinary picture


Foolishly I’ve lived, now I’ve learned

To carry load on my shoulder

My chest is not nearly s...

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Where Do We Go

Cluelessly age we chase,

Into youth we stumbled.

Have we had life compass,

We would figure it out.

Had it been simple,

We’d have done it.

Have it been short,

We’d reached there.

Had we known where,

We would head there.

Now that we do not,

Where do we go?

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The Hearts I won

The Hearts I Won Are Fragile To Carry


Don’t fall for my best

Find amusement in my worst

Then my blessings you’ll get                                  


Don’t be attracted to my habits

Find comfort in my habitats

Then you’ll stay till forever comes


Don’t be impressed by my doings

Find interest in my traits

Then your time with me will be joyous


Don’t ...

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Places We've Been

I am taking a detour

Down the memory lane

Revisiting places we’ve been

People I danced with

Meals we shared

Roofs we laid under

Paths we took to get here


They’re rough rocky paved routes

With well filled stinky portholes in summer

Omni directional windy-dusty air in spring

We kept clean and healthy, or tried

Icy cold stony ground in winder

We watched out fo...

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When you are young

They assume you don’t know

But I know you’re powerful now 


Now that you are young

They’ll say they’ve seen it all

But I know you are special


When you are young

They only see your troubles

But I know your battles


Now that you are young

They think you are irrational

But I know you are logical


When you are young


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Hold On

The love I hold on to is imaginary

A mere illusion that subside fear of being lonely

Vows and promises as pillars keeping it sticky

Still I cling with hope of it lasting forever


The beings I call friends are scarce

Scattered in different cities, all away

Time and distance can't shake the bond

I will hold on to you, family of choice


The home I once loved is broken


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Scars Of A Mother

Scars of a mother don't heal of pain

Believe me, I tell what I have seen

Worries, care and love in her single emotion

She faced trouble that run with children


More wounds in her heart than on her body

Each cut tells its own story

I may have caused her few, I'm so guilty

Despite the pain she smiles at her baby


I couldn't imagine the feel inside

I've seen her cry...

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I pretend I don't feel a thing

Just to hide the true character

I pretend not to call or text

Just to get you miss me a little


Can we pretend to be more than friends

To have a pillow talk at 00:00

Can we pretend to be in a distance relationship

So we both have someone to call at 3 am


I pretend not to be into you

Just so you see me as different

I pretend to en...

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Eyes Queen

A lady is polite, she is courteous

Girls have emotions, she have empathy


Short, slim, sexy, call it beauty

But it's an extremely pretty figure


Loving, respective, call it brains

But it's the most humble character


Seductive smile, soothing voice

Salamander kind of eyes, pleasing


I've seen beauty, this is a gorgeous creature

I've met her Majesty, this i...

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Clearly, I'm a fool

You made me


Cluelessly, I've been blushing

You flatter me


Intriguingly, I react strangely

Your touch seduces


Confusingly, I am thoughtless

You give sensations


Basically, I am  new

New to this feeling

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Needs and Wants

What I want may make me happy

For how long, I don’t know

What I need could keep me stable

How strong, I don’t know

I just know there are things I want

and things I need

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I took a dose, it raised the stimuli

strange feelings, but still sensations

sure I thrived, but it’s the same game

shy? No! that's for yester-hours

I hit the thicker, thinner, the sexier

no type could be in my fear, beasting

ones, twice, ain't enough with that

not forever though, the fix is pro tem

sooner or later it leaves you with you

I’ve learned to stick to me, not a...

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Let Me In

You’ve built walls against suiters

To hide your persona

You’ve locked yourself inside

To protect your heart

I’ve made it pass the gate

I haven’t gotten through to you still

On your door I’ve knocked every evening

You pretended you ain’t heard

I guess you are still at war

With your heart and mind

Let your mind do decide

Because your heart is mine

We’ve been on di...

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Home Alone

I thought I knew me

Until I was home alone

The secrecy in my doing

Dirtiness in my thinking

There is darkness in me

That I can only reach alone


Walking around in clothe-less sleeve

Only my birth day suit on

Hairy reflections in the mirrors, staring

Sound of soothing jams through speakers

Shaking in a way only me would know

To the tune of my favorite rhythm


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It has been a long wait

With the past shaped in ups and downs

On a quest to find success and love

Pursuing endeavors leading to upper class


I grew up feeling disadvantaged

Now busy counting blessings of all sort

Family, friends, mentors, potential mistresses

Damn! So much to be grateful for


There’s no pleasure in hardship I earn bravery

Still it yields whom I’v...

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I pity the painters. Shuffling side to side at various positions not knowing how much pressure can a canvas take, force a brush stick needs, proper density of color gradient that reveal a true work of art and he is still trying to perfect beauty of an imperfect piece.

I see lovers contemplating on how deep to fall when depth shields off ultra-violets of loneliness, but sudden return from the co...

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Out There

Look!, there’s light out there

It should be morning

I’ve heard stories of the outland

There are wonders of all sort

Beings, beauty of all nature

You’ll see, learn and do if you go.


You should go, go out there

Just watch out for the rocks

You might trip and fall

This season rain may fall

Sun may burn as it grows

Take the umbrella. Now, go!


Don’t fear, g...

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I Know Her

I know her, at least I think

I mean, her color is navy-blue

She would paint light-grey

 I know her moods

She hides when she cries

If you know, where would she go?

I know enough to hold her

 Enough from her past of course

Her paining dislocated ankles

After every game she plays

Scars that marks her body

To her they’re reminders

Reminders of her old self

 I see...

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Until You Came Around

I hardly believed rainbow is a living,

That stars can fall

And the sun is never moving



I was never sure if feelings could own me,

That my heart could too decide

And loving is living



I couldn’t picture me as worth loving,

That my secrets can be told

And someone can still accept me

“Until you came around”

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Worth It

As long as it took, I got here still

All the times, efforts, support and resources

Every restless night, cold-busy-morning, sleepy day I spent.

Gave me motivations that led me here

Every struggle, cut, blister, sweat, tear, bleed, pressure I endured

Gave me strength I needed to be here

Every advice, wisdom, lesson, experience, memory, love, prayer offered

Summoned the courage ...

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She Has

I had a wall made of gold

And she melted it all

My heart is as hard as a rock

But I bet she can break it

I’ve a muscular face with dry lips

She makes me stretch them

I used to think and wish

Now I sit around and phantasize

I’m acting smart & tough here

She got the stupid of me

She’s all over my head

To you, she stays a mystery

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We met as caterpillars

The ground will separate us as chrysalis

Beautiful creatures we will then emerge

You’ll be a butterfly, astonishing beauty

You’ll fly to wonder nature

When will you land?

I’ve shown you views, top and bottom

Being a living, you’re fated to be a prey

Lizards and dragonflies trying to snatch you

Far distance and away places you’ll be

Over water, l...

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Hard Times

We’ve been here before;

suck it up,

be the man.

You’ll get more

as you grow.

Revisiting moments

with frames of pain

loaded in hard times.

You ain’t the only

nor it is the last,

you’ll survive,

but do you learn?

Yell, scream, cry…

whatever the fuck you do

don’t lose focus.

You aren’t ignored young blood

they’ve gat pressing shit to handle,

make you...

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The Don'ts

Don't go for beuty, get a keeper

Don't put it first, put it in the first

Don't follow your heart, follow your instinct

Those shoud've been the advice


The good ones don't criticize

The right time don't last long

The tough guys don't give up

Those should've been the signs


Don't dare lie, tell the truth

Don't get attached, you get hurt

Don't fall in love, you w...

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Look At Us


Sitting on opposite sides of the breakfast table,

Yet we’re together.


Talking dirty, sharing most embarrassing stories of life,

Yet holding one another.


Fighting over a text from unknown number every time,

Yet perfect for each other.


Uncertain of how long we will live,

Yet we promised forever.


I’m a low key, no good alone,

Yet you made me a lover...

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If you knew my intention,

Would you,

Would you stick around?


If I asked for it,

Would you let me,

Let me hit it just once?


If you saw me falling,

Would you let me fall,

Fall in love with you?


If you felt the same,

Would you,

Would you tell me about it?


If I would’ve said the words,

Would you believe,

Believe me knowing what you kno...

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I have learned my lessons

Hard way or easy way, I’ve learned

Curiously or experience, they’re all lessons

Academically or life wise, dear I’ve learned


Of all educators, fathers are greater teachers

Little emotional, but you will learn

Experience is most brutal of all teachers

It will hurt, but you’ll learn, dear learn


Don’t say I am watch...

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My Pain

My Pain

Tell them

Tell them that I'm your pain

Please, just tell them

Tell them that all my doing is not in vain


Say it out loud for them to hear

Let them know that I led you here

They deserve to know that I'm in here

Running your heart, controlling your tears


Sure, I hurt you, but I've my reasons

Imagine, imagine life without my lessons

A spoiled, weak, ...

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'Could've Been



‘Could’ve Been


It could have been us

Celebrating 10th month’s anniversary;

Not that it’s a complaint,

But a reminder in a bragging tone.


It could have been us

Laying on a 2m hostel single bed;

Fighting for one pillow,

In a cold night of July.


It could have been us

Playing basketball Sunday evening;

On a rough outdoor court,

With rules of...

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