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Hard Times

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We’ve been here before;

suck it up,

be the man.

You’ll get more

as you grow.

Revisiting moments

with frames of pain

loaded in hard times.

You ain’t the only

nor it is the last,

you’ll survive,

but do you learn?

Yell, scream, cry…

whatever the fuck you do

don’t lose focus.

You aren’t ignored young blood

they’ve gat pressing shit to handle,

make you...

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The Don'ts

Don't go for beuty, get a keeper

Don't put it first, put it in the first

Don't follow your heart, follow your instinct

Those shoud've been the advice


The good ones don't criticize

The right time don't last long

The tough guys don't give up

Those should've been the signs


Don't dare lie, tell the truth

Don't get attached, you get hurt

Don't fall in love, you w...

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Look At Us


Sitting on opposite sides of the breakfast table,

Yet we’re together.


Talking dirty, sharing most embarrassing stories of life,

Yet holding one another.


Fighting over a text from unknown number every time,

Yet perfect for each other.


Uncertain of how long we will live,

Yet we promised forever.


I’m a low key, no good alone,

Yet you made me a lover...

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If you knew my intention,

Would you,

Would you stick around?


If I asked for it,

Would you let me,

Let me hit it just once?


If you saw me falling,

Would you let me fall,

Fall in love with you?


If you felt the same,

Would you,

Would you tell me about it?


If I would’ve said the words,

Would you believe,

Believe me knowing what you kno...

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I have learned my lessons

Hard way or easy way, I’ve learned

Curiously or experience, they’re all lessons

Academically or life wise, dear I’ve learned


Of all educators, fathers are greater teachers

Little emotional, but you will learn

Experience is most brutal of all teachers

It will hurt, but you’ll learn, dear learn


Don’t say I am watch...

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My Pain

My Pain

Tell them

Tell them that I'm your pain

Please, just tell them

Tell them that all my doing is not in vain


Say it out loud for them to hear

Let them know that I led you here

They deserve to know that I'm in here

Running your heart, controlling your tears


Sure, I hurt you, but I've my reasons

Imagine, imagine life without my lessons

A spoiled, weak, ...

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'Could've Been



‘Could’ve Been


It could have been us

Celebrating 10th month’s anniversary;

Not that it’s a complaint,

But a reminder in a bragging tone.


It could have been us

Laying on a 2m hostel single bed;

Fighting for one pillow,

In a cold night of July.


It could have been us

Playing basketball Sunday evening;

On a rough outdoor court,

With rules of...

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