WOL's Kiddie Kindergarten (today's lesson the letter J)

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WOL's Kiddie Kindergarten (today's lesson the letter J)




WOL's KK is now open for those wishing to compose in peace and quiet without their little ones jumping all over the keyboard. Fees on application.


Tchr.....good morning kiddies


Class:...good morning Miss


Tchr:....today is Johnny's day

           and we are looking at the letter J,

           the 10th letter of our alphabet




Johnny:....I wanna be the first letter

               I wanna

               I wanna

               please can I ?



Mahal: Can I be the first letter miss?


Tchr:........your turn another day Mahal. Johnny today, Kevin you're tomorrow.




Tchr:.......now kiddies, I have a giant letter J here




Tchr:.......now what word starts with the letter J ?




Tchr:........no Johnny, that's giraffe




Johnny:......er, jug ?


Tchr:.......yes! well done Johnny


Class:.......yay! High-fives


Tchr:.......now here's a tricky one. You need to put your thinking caps on.

              What is a word ending in J ?


Class:..... think think mumble mumble


Mahal:.....taj miss ?


Tchr:........yes! well done Mahal




Tchr:........to consolidate (class: ???) our letter J let's all sing the J song. Music man...


Class...:.. J we love you yay yay yay

               Many words we learn today

              Taj we like but don't know why

               Jug makes sense we now sing bye


Tchr..........class dismissed


Laura:.......can I be number one? please?


Zebediah:..can I miss?


Tchr:.........I'm afraid you're at the end of the queue Zeb






The letter “J” was not invented until the 1500’s, so there was no official Jesus, John, Jacob, Jonah, Joseph, Jude, etc… in the bible. So what's going on?


Don Matthews August 2019



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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 05:11

Miss? Mr Brock says lizards leap. I've never seen one?

Gertie: Miss? Mr Brock loves gravy. I think it's great too Mr Brock

(Please don't anyone ask why heaven goes to Betsy and not Betsy to heaven. Betsy's got her hand up. Shit. It's all your fault Mr Brock)

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Mon 2nd Sep 2019 15:05

Coincidental I should be reading this while in the library listening to the kid's/parents corner congregation winding the bobbin up....

the noisy little b.....beauties! ?

I shall allow you 10/10 for effort-but no gold star! ?

Devon Brock

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 14:20

Leaping Lizards, Don
now that's a gas,
Jumpin' Jehoshaphat
is an exclamation of surprise
and dismay
a little mouth jazz
like "Great Gravy"
and "Heaven's to Betsy"

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 14:14


Yes Johnny? You have an enquiring mind today

Mr Bayliss is clever. He knows it is Jolly Jubilant not Golly Gubilant. He must have had a good teacher like you.

He's Just Jolly Jubilant he was born post 1500.

Johnny: ???? (she speaks in riddles)

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 14:05


Yes Johnny?

Who's Joesfat?

Don't know Johnny. You'll have to ask Mr Brock

Mr Brock? Who's Joesfat? Does he play with his friend Jumping Jack Flash?


Yes Miss?

I know we all sang the Jumping Jack Flash song today but Mr Brock is American. He might not know.

Devon Brock

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 13:36

Jumpin' Jehoshaphat!

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 13:23

Kiddies, lesson for today
Is pushing boundaries
Yes Johnny, what's the problem?
Our fence is made of trees

How do we push these trees miss?.....

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Brian Maryon

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 12:02

Thank God we've got someone pushing boundaries!

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 11:59

Love this fact about the invention of the letter J! A scientific study has been done into the fact that children whose names are the beginning of a school register end up being more successful in adult life than those who are called further down the line and this poem reminded me of that.

juxtaposition is one of my favourite 'J' words especially when trying to construct poetry

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 09:16

I didn't know that there was no J until the 1500's, I suppose I should be jolly jubilant ?.

J. x

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