The Ship

Here comes my ship,

She roared blissfully,

Steaming in on a golden sea,

But wait they pray, be what may, 

Girls don't board ships and it should stay that way


Here comes my ship,

She danced with glee,

Sailing in on a pale blue sea,

Stop! They spray, don't go that way!

Good girls should stay, darling what will your parents say?


Here comes my ship,

She clapped merrily,

Gliding in on a dark green sea,

No chance! They bray,

Girls on ships make husbands stray


Here comes my ship,

She muttered to me,

Shuntering in on a cold purple sea,

For shame they say,

What of your children while you're away?


Here comes my ship,

She sighed miserably,

Spluttering in on a dark churning sea,

They tut, better luck next time ay?

As a man boards the ship for better pay


There goes my ship,

She wept uncontrollably,

As it sank below a black boiling sea,

A pity m'love, you did not splay,

For no one said you had to stay


#womenequalityfeminismwomens rights

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Tue 24th Sep 2019 13:59

Thank you Don ?

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Don Matthews

Tue 24th Sep 2019 00:04

Very good Charlie...

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