Do I tell her

Do I tell her how I feel

Do I keep it in

With one choice very risky with low chance of success

With another choice very safe but can be heart breaking

Do I tell her and knowing I cannot be friends with her after

Or do I keep it in and feel this strain in my heart

I know I should keep it in

But I’m someone who is always honest about their feelings

Do I save myself from heart break and end the relationship

And lose her forever

Or do I keep her in my life and let my heart get broken

So let me ask you, do I tell her

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 18th Sep 2019 21:20

Without question tell her. It may not work out but you'll always regret it if you don't.

J. x

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 18th Sep 2019 17:11


Daniel Amici

Wed 18th Sep 2019 16:31

I wrote this a year ago and I did end up telling her and it didn't end the relationship we just became close friends and I moved on and I don't regret telling her

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 18th Sep 2019 10:43


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Wed 18th Sep 2019 01:53

I get it. To risk a friendship for romance is a tough decision. Keep writing, the answer will reveal itself to you!

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Candice Reineke

Tue 17th Sep 2019 23:12

Tell her...or keep it in as long as you can stand it. I waited 10 years before I told my best friend how I felt about her. I had reached the point where the heartache of keeping it in was killing me more than the risk of rejection/loss. My “Fuck Fear” blog entry recounts the moment I decided to go for it! 😂

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Tue 17th Sep 2019 20:50

In my experience, it's the things I didn't do I regret the most... a cliché, I know but also true. ?

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Don Matthews

Tue 17th Sep 2019 05:30

On maybe a related theme. Advice was given to a politician about what should they tell the people.? The advice was be open and honest because when things do come unstuck (as they always will) people will accept and compromise for you. I think this applies in any situation....

Jackie Graham

Tue 17th Sep 2019 05:19

Tell her , its better to know then to wonder !!!!

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Adam Rabinowitz

Tue 17th Sep 2019 03:02

Definitely a conundrum but so universal. I say yes...tell her.

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