Friday the 13th,female integration

A lady was relieved at the trial of her spouse,

He was jailed for 10 years ,she was safe in her house.

He was jailed relentlessly for domestic abuse,

She was overjoyed,10 years before he was let loose!


To celebrate she went out and bought a new car,

A 2 litre BMW to race on the tar.

She drove down the motorway really fast,

Floored the accelerator to give the engine a blast.


The speedo read one hundred miles per hour,

She loved the car and admired its power.

But suddenly behind her a blue light was flashing,

She pulled onto the hard shoulder to avoid crashing.


The lady police officer said,"Its been a hard day,

Its Friday the 13th and I need to get away.

The shift has been long and I've suffered abuse,

Don't want more paper work,have you got a good excuse?"



"Yeh my husband is in prison for ten years,

I thought you were bringing him back were my fears!"

The police lady sympathised with the lady in a mess,

And let her off lightly with no further distress.





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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 12th Sep 2019 13:38

Good Hugh...Hmm...Was this in the M.E.N last year?

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