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Fuck ups


I’m not all sunsets and pan pipes - I’ll be drumbeats and thunder too

I’m sometimes more cataclysm than shooting star - sometimes less happy than being blue

I’m the archetype of a pessimist but also the joker that made him smile

I’m the vibrancy of a summer’s day and the stab of misguided guile

I’m the grit that fell in the Vaseline and the tongue that licked it clean

I’m the s...

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Are You


Are you cursing your fatness or hating your thin

Are you holding your breath ‘til your life can begin

Do you want for more money, or wish to be younger

Did you forget to say grace while tongue-tied by hunger

Could your lifestyle be better, was your childhood messed up

When your glass was half empty did you go steal a cup

Does the sun shine too bright, does the moon seem too ...

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I love you like an atheist makes the sign of the cross; out of reflex, with no real hope of finding salvation or heaven.


I watch you like I’m a firefly trapped in a jar, sometimes envying the finality of the moth that was free enough to find its own flame to ride into peace.


I find you in the lines of love stories, the clink of a knife upon a glass, in proclamations left unsai...

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