When you’ve been down for so long that your head starts to pop and you know that you’re drowning and know you can’t stop.  When you know that there’s rhyme but you can’t see the reason and your head go on strike and your heart commits treason.  When your stomach is turning, anxiety high, when your blues say hello and your hopes say goodbye.  And confusion is squatting in the halls of your mind, wh...

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A bad day....

A terrible thing happened this morning when I was on my way to work

This fella was on the high street, he was like a lunatic gone berserk

He smashed a bus stop window and threw a brick at TJ hughes

He was walking funny, and looked peculiar, he was barefoot with no shoes

I pulled over to try and help him, because I could tell he was in the dumps

I reached into my passenger foot well,...

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There's a life

There is a life I can imagine, I could see us living there

We are dancing naked in a field, the girls have flowers in their hair

The 60’s are reborn again, Love is plentiful and free

We didn’t build a church to it, we just stopped to plant a tree

The factories became galleries, we adorned them with our art

We burned the houses of parliament, began a fresh new start

We made sundia...

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