An Autumnal Rhapsody

An Autumnal Rhapsody


Clusters of sacrificial colurs

in a bleated cry from a dormant world

In unison the days of autumn do ebb

from the gaiety of a summer´s warmth

It is the finale, the last movement

of a rhapsody which droops in sorrow

Threadbare leaves in a myriad of colours

give the landscape a farewell hue

A floor of sadness is littered between weary trees

as nature shrinks into hibernation

Emolient breezes brace themselves

to surrender before the gales of winter

The last page is turned to an

epilogue of forested burnt sienna

The sun whispers its áu revour

as it passes below the horizon of time

◄ Down Memory Lane

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Thu 19th Sep 2019 14:14

impressive. Such a vivid style. You chosen words add to the mood of the poetry.Wonderful piece from you Keith.Thanks for sharing.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 19th Sep 2019 12:24

As goodbyes go, one of the most beautiful and softly powerful ones I've read.

J. x

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