Snakes & Ladders

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Sometimes life is like playing a board game...

It gets so mundane

When each day

Seems the 


In this

Bored game

You play

Couldn't stay long

On the square

You were on

Kept sliding away

At the edge

Waits a


And he's ready

To take

You astray

But battle's 

Not finished

You can

Still win this

So in the game

You'll stay

Rattle the


Reclaim your choice

You'll be shown

The way

Start moving

Your counter

Destroy every


Don't hear

What they say

For nothing

Else matters


You've climbed

Up that


Gameswinning #life #motivation

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Nigel Astell

Thu 19th Sep 2019 15:49

Snake that dice
climb that ladder
counter claim only
if you fall
court case comes
up next week!

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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Sep 2019 13:15

The ladda in her tights Hugh
Was put there to invite
A fella to climb up it
Knock, enter.....

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Thu 19th Sep 2019 12:53

This poem has its ups and downs.Did you hear about the girl who had a ladder up her tights.She'd been up to no good.

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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Sep 2019 12:14

A ladda I climbed up I did
I climbed to the tee-tippy top
But the ladda didn't like me at tee-tippy top
And tipped me right off, felled me (flop)

Broke pelvis, hospitalised, food yuk. nursie Caroline nursed me back to health......

What's this got to do with Snakes and Ladders? Nothing. Was just bored. Sorry Ruth.

Nice poem 😎

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