I return to Brighton and I talk to the sea.

This time I am alone, no gangs, only me.

Out of season I tread on pebble and stone.

So disillusioned with life, I wander alone.


I revisit our Café for cups of tea and a pill.

No sound of laughter, just the ring of a till.

Only a few people brave the desolate shore.

A swimmer fights a wave, the rain does pour.


I walk down the alley, where a man I became.

To me it was special, but to her just a game.

My clothes stand out, but today nobody cares.

I miss the adulation, the brawls and the stares.


To my horror, I see my hero loaded with case.

My illusion shattered, he’s just another ‘face’

No bike, no girl, no family now a hero lost too.

I struggle with reality, no dreams to come true.


From my fragile mind there's nowhere to hide.

On stolen wheels towards the white cliffs I ride.

I approach the cliffs edge at break neck speed.

This life of constant let downs do I really need?

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Mike Bartram

Tue 24th Sep 2019 11:52

Cheers mate, yes, Jimmy Cooper the central character from Quadrophenia. Just added the last verse too!

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Don Matthews

Tue 24th Sep 2019 00:24

So good Mike......yes, I thought I'd seen it before...

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