Selfie Obsessed

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Selfie aspirations

The constant


At the 20 pictures


In one


Which one

Can make them



No longer insanity

Or even vanity

It's just 

The way

It is


Let's do a

Head tilt

Then some

Guilty Filtering

So frightening

That the

Lighting's not


In here


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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 10th Sep 2019 11:38

Thanks for reading Jason, Do.Rothy and Don.

I will find your Mirrors piece later Jason, I am really interested in reworking fairy tale into modern situations so I'm looking forward to catching up with that.

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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Sep 2019 00:22

Apologies to Jason

Mirror mirror on the screen
I'm the bestest I have seen
Why have I been born so beaut?
Why do people call me cute?

(Cos you're stupid....)

Who said that?....

Mirror mirror I'm so cute
(And stupid)
Stupid? NO, I will refute
Here's a picture of my tum
Gonna send it to my mum

(Definitely stupid.....?)

(Allow me a serious comment. The term 'selfie' was invented in Australia. We're not stupid here. Only the users of)

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 9th Sep 2019 22:52

Love this Ruth, being of a certain age I find the whole selfie thing bizzare, I wrote one about it called mirror mirror, because it reminded me so much of the evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

J. x

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