A Spiritual Home

A Spiritual Home


The soul searches for a home without

confined and content it seeks another abode

A palm lined, sun drenched beach

the lofty peaks of a mountain range

or within a pine forest of a needled floor

Perhaps a river flows to soothe this soul

or a city square bedecked with cafes

A foreign land rich in culture and cuisine

or a tongue, a language to entice

The citadels of antiquity may call

with Roman or Greek porticos and more

Or amongst the undulating dunes of a Bedouin encampment

in a vast expanse of seemingly endless desert

An orient of delicacies and eastern charm

with terraced pagodas and temples aloft

Moorland, heather and bracken may beckon

with its sparse horizons and bleak winds

A bar with friends, drink and smoke

to while away convivial hours until dawn

Majestic fjords and verdant valleys

propogating natures intrinsic magic

The world is the oyster of our soul

as it wanders to find its spiritual home

a place of contentment and tranquility

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Jon Stainsby

Sat 14th Sep 2019 20:44

Lovely, Keith

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Thu 5th Sep 2019 12:16

oh! that soulful elusive utopia Keith, could it be this heaven we keep hearing about, being promised?

Beautifully written. Cheers.


Devon Brock

Wed 4th Sep 2019 23:57

Good stuff, Keith. We each seek that place of contentment and comfort, in whatever its trappings. Sometimes it's the polished memories of past days. Sometimes it's the big skies of smallness. Sometimes it's the smoky rooms where secret regrets fall into a glass of bourbon with old friends.


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