3 Little Pigs

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What ever happened to the 3 little pigs? Here's a little reworking for 2019

Piggy was lying

On therapist's couch

Kept re-living

When Bad Wolf

Had blown down

His house


These days

His nerves

Were all

So raw


Panic attacks


He saw

Some straw


His brother

Who built

A house

Out of sticks


Moved on

Sold his 


To be on



But Poor

Ol' piggy

Too much


He takes



What if 

This therapist

Kills him




Why Oh Why

Had he been

So thick

And not thought

Of building

A house

Out of



Brickie pig brother

Still lives

In his


And he

Shares all

His bills

With one

Blind mouse


modern fairytale

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:52

Made me smile Hugh, glad this inspired you to write that 😂

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Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:46

Three blind mice

I have 12 legs 6 eyes and I can't see,
What do you think I could be ?
Three blind mice running round the house,
What did the lazy cat say to the mouse?
"Catch you later."Please cheese me the mouse did sing,
Then lit a candle,light refreshment it did bring.
The three blind mice loved to roam
And moved together into their new home,
A mouse warming party they did arrange,
And played a mouse organ out of cat range.
There was a bingo hall next to their house,
They eat a lot,eyes down for a full mouse.

They had a mice time.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:27

Works for Nike....😉

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:24


You remind me of those T-shirts emblazoned with JUST DO IT....😎

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:17

Don, pushing the boundaries is all part of the experiment

Feel the ridicule
In the riddle
Dance to the tune
Of your
Own fiddle
Do it anyway...

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:13

Cheers Jason! Thanks for reading & liking this. Fairytales and nursery rhymes are our first introduction into poetry, so it's fun to re- visit them once and a while!

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Sep 2019 08:44


If I push the boundaries and write a sweet little 'piggy-like' nursery rhyme with deep dark undertones do you think I'd get away with it?

Nah, WOLers wouldn't see the subtlety. Writing some of that sing-song Jack and Jill stuff again Don? Grow up boy. Be a man poet like us.....

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Sep 2019 08:38


'squoinking' You have taken the simple 'oink-squeak' call of these new hybrids to a new level....😋

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 21st Sep 2019 00:13

I love the classic nursery rhymes and tales from childhood, beneath the surface they're so dark. So big round of applause Ruth, it's one of my favourite things when people rework them.

J. x

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 21st Sep 2019 00:00

Well Don a whole new world of Hybrids has been discovered by you, I especially like that squoinking sound effect!😁

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Don Matthews

Fri 20th Sep 2019 23:51

....and they are stunning biologists..... Producing many little piggymouslets. Blind in one eye only. Tail only half-curled. Strange oink-squeak call. Both mother and father doing well but father beginning to worry about rising costs of living.

Seems said therapist did not advise against dilly-dallying with blind mice.......😎

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