This modern day government are glorified Hitlers

I know little facts about war today
without facts in reason
i know enough
I know in school
they teach us in history of evil Hitler
How he murdered millions
children women men
the gas chambers
the injustice
vile despicable creature
"That will never happen again"
"how times have changed "
or have they ?
yes we are a modern world
computers updated typewriters
things are different now
instead of gas chambers
we have mass bombings
modern missiles
a new digital bombing system
fancy firearms
some of them hand made
the most expensive machines
quality workers
we got drones now
oh and the likes of Hitler
would never run a country
not today
Thatcher ..major ...blair ..Cameron.. may
nothing like Hitler?
no chance times have changed
seriously though?
people get wise
how can we teach our children
the valuable lessons
learn from your mistakes
youv got what it takes
don't be like them snakes
and they wonder why kids rebel
teaching of hell whilst recreating
upcycling Hell...
what the Hell though
Tony blair though
what makes him better than Hitler
or any of them
is anyone else confused
there are babies and children being killed
by our leaders everyday
modern day war
Hitler no more
why is it that in school
retaliation is against the rules
if someone hits you
you don't hit them back
that makes you as bad as them they say
ok what age do we stop living by that  practice?
practice what you preach
set examples of what you want teachers to teach
murderers the lot of you
soon the  real people will be the politicians
the artists will be the voice...
the robots will rust
vibrations raised
light of God's power we trust
they are shrinking as we rise
no more lies
Truth and love always


political poetry peacewar


Praiseworthy Anthony ►


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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Tue 24th Sep 2019 15:08

thanks for reading it Don matthews
and blessings to you

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Don Matthews

Mon 23rd Sep 2019 14:44

A powerful piece Sarah.

"how times have changed "
or have they ?

Yes indeed.....

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