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The Cloud

There’s something to be said,

About clouds.

Floating around in the sky,

Far beyond reach.

For there is beauty,

In what we cannot touch,

And only see.

And something novel,

In a thing of dreams. 


Sometimes I wish I could be a cloud,

Be something that is no more than a wisp in the air,

Something of speculation,

Of shape,

And a object of childhood fantasies


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The Disagreement

We fight,

Like cats and dogs

In the rain. 

Our yells,

Drowning out 

The storm outside

A hundred,

Million tears,

Held back.

A billion, 

Thoughts unsaid

In fear. 

The world,  

Seems to end

and the storm

Rages on.


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Those Puppet Strings

With tight Puppet Strings, it controls me,

It's iron fists strangle all breath from my lungs 

Its ink black tendrils cover my heart and envelope my mind.

There is no escape. 


I drown with no water about,

My tears come in rivers that stream down my face

and my screams, there in no more horrible a sound. 


My heart bears the pain of a thousand knives 

and my body, no...

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What is home?

sometimes I feel I have a foot in each country,

my legs lay witness to the vast unknown of the sea

I visit one, and live in another-

yet I never feel like I truly belong.

In my birthplace, I am asked: 

Where are you from?

And yet, I was born not 20 miles from where we stood.

in the land of my ancestors,

there too I am asked of my origin

So, I am left wit...

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