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Oh! My Dear

Will Welcome You

But of late,

Please Wait.


A lot of work

has to complete,

a lot of things 

to accomplish.

Know  my tenure is short

every where has to faught 

to achieve  the target

would not lament.


Expections  of friends

aspirations of parent,

desires of children 

 hope of society and its men

has to be fulfilled

would remain a guilty.


From birth 

know i'll meet you

and to greet you,

invite you as guest

and has to do the honest.

But it is my humble request

wait for few days and months

wiat  for hours and years,

tarry on,don't give tears


will meet at end of journey

the road is not smooth to crush

to join together

so wait a little my dear brother.


by A.K Sahoo


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ajay kumar sahoo

Fri 4th Oct 2019 09:15

thanks for the nice and inspiring comment!!!

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 26th Sep 2019 13:55

I liked the way you wrote from the viewpoint of talking to death as another entity. It very much reminded me of Rumi. Also, the acknowledgement that death is the ultimate but doing the best you can to live a life in the meantime. Very moving.

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