I'm really not fond of verbosity;

(Although the ex-hubby may not agree!)

Why use many words if you need a few?

A common expletive has only two!

Physicians use words we don't know;

Perhaps to soften the blow.

An attorney-at-law, we recuse:

He intends to mislead and confuse!

Politicians know not what they say;

But they're voted-in, anyway!

Him in the pulpit, I think I'll leave out;

-Poets won't know, what I'm talking about!


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Raj Ferds

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 19:29

Stay on the higher ground where you belong. The climate's better there anyway.

This is your poem. You own it. So Celebrate it.
Don't stoop.

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Chrystel Roberts

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 18:19

Hey Leon,

I appreciate your comment.

I feel like this is the second time within 7 days that I've had to explain my work! lol, it fazes me NOT!

Some people like my poetry and others don't; fair enough. We are all entitled to an opinion. Diversity makes life interesting.

However, there is a difference between constructive criticism and ‘throwing shade'. I would certainly never do the latter to a fellow poet.

I do not take myself too seriously and remain unapologetic about my work.

Keep it real, Leon!

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Tue 3rd Sep 2019 11:54

You may have a personal story behind this poem Chrystel, so I've taken it as it reads, and it does so in a way I love. Cheers.


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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 08:29

Good point Raj

Rhyme without Reason.

Shit rhymes with Shit

Why? No reason....?

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Raj Ferds

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 06:42

Chrystel, this piece was quite entertaining. It let you be you.
Sometimes it's good to Rhyme without Reason.

Nice little interlude.
Raj x

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Chrystel Roberts

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 06:13


‘rhyming shit words into shit'


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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 04:42


I am in rehab de-rhyming........

The rest is for you to experience.......

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 3rd Sep 2019 01:53

Very true, less can often be more. Sometimes I like just say something on a few words to allow the reader to just experience the rest....if that makes sense!

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 23:48

I'm not really fond of this rhyming
Rhyming shit words into shit
I do it cos Chrystel she likes it
Gotta keep showing her I'm a hit

I know secretly she adores me
She hangs on every rhyme that i say
I gotta look after my women
Don't want them to run, get away

Huh ???

Note my use of the di-pletive it/it.

I do get carried away at times......

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Adam Rabinowitz

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 23:08

The last couplet had me rolling. So fun.

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