Power In The Eyes


Let's define human beings
as grown up children
playing at falling in love.
Of course you and Jesus are different.
You have such a power in your eye
you keep the lazer beam hooded.
Do people need their limbs loosened,
forgetting for a moment 
how terrible they must have been in a previous life,
falling into a delicious trembling swoon?
Perhaps they do
but not unexpectedly, at a moments notice.
It seems a shame. Why shouldn't grown up children
taste at least a drop of the higher love they thirst for?
Their grasp of a situation is extremely loose.
Their behaviour will likely be melodramatic and bizarre,
possibly dangerous for anyone in the neighbourhood.
Best not to mesmerize and bemuse them.
They will love you, and hate you.
Keep the shades on and look into dusty corners.

Well. Now you say you've looked into dusty corners
more than enough for one lifetime.
You say you believe your powers have declined.
You have begun to look about you 
as a rainbow looks at the encompassing sky.
And now it seems not just you and Jesus
but everyone may have the power. 
Meet their watery eyes
and your little wells are likely to overflow.
It's not that you have been wrong all these years,
your perception has developed
and for the spirit it is still early in the day.
The melancholy delights of growing up!

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Sun 8th Sep 2019 16:17

Hi Adam - You do enigmatic so well.
Who is this 'you'? What is their relationship to Jesus? What is this 'power'? Where does it come from? What is it for?
Ah grist for the mill.
Go well

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