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Close your eyes,and image you're me.                                                                                                                   Open your brains let my thoughts capture yours.                                                                                                  You might see things you don't want to,but it's an option.                                                                                      Be me for the day,and oh try not to stray away..                                                                                                    I know you're anixous,I AM TOO!.

There are interesting turns,and you're wishing to be me than you,but please look ahead cause you have no clue.Look at the chaos and misjudgement of character. Look at the truth that lies ahead of you. STOP!,trying to be me,For i want you to,.........come on,close your eyes,go deeper to find the truth.

You didn't know my options,now stop judging me,for now you know what i go through.




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Mon 4th Nov 2019 01:08

wow Philip.....that's a very interesting piece?
thank you so much for that❤

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Don Matthews

Thu 17th Oct 2019 22:52

Interesting Blackrose...Also Philip.....

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Philip Stevens

Thu 17th Oct 2019 20:26

Close your eyes

Silence is waiting patiently
For the noise to kindly stop

Teenage virgins
With soft white skin
Are standing with the flowers of romance
In the gardens of your mind

Open your eyes

The noise is waiting patiently
For the silence to kindly break

Teenage girls
With white skin
Are standing in the gardens of your mind

Close your eyes

(C) 1980

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