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butterfly effect

hesitant to start

from nothing


until pixie dust

sprouts fairy wings


blossoming like petals of 

rainbow-colored daisies,


freedom of flight

away from years


spent tick-tocking apart

empty dreams, unravelling


into cascading ribbons

released upon the breeze,


floating gently into

a dark nothingness


that only exists

down a ra...

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Santa Clarita

“Sixteen seconds of terror; just another school shooting in America.”


the news report receives less airtime

than the duration of the shooting itself




peaceful, Sunday-morning sunrise 

filters through cracks in the blinds

of our patio window, bent fractals of light

illuminated across the terrors of this world 

I chose to bring you into, unfolding 

on the ...

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Untitled (edge of sanity)

edge of sanity // wild, storm-tossed ocean beneath // it welcomes her fall 

wasted, strange dreams - like // bubbles - float to the surface // darkness tugs, further

deep blue haze washes over // crooning her soft lullabies // there is strange calm here.

no longer frightened // dreams already forgotten // she becomes unchained

drenched, muted silence // releases fierce waves within // ...

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Untitled (misfits)

Other children taunted and teased, the playground at recess a sounding board for their righteous assumptions. I used to care very very very much, but one day, Alice approached me from behind to show me a rabbit hole she’d discovered in the soccer yard, tucked away in a corner beside a fence barring us from the outside world. I could see the Cheshire’s grin from deep within the darkness, also taunt...

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Untitled (ghostwriter)

Partially inspired by Rudy Francisco.


a letter from someone on the other side of the ground - 


do not believe

their orchestrated lies -

grass is not greener

on this side of the ground.


instead, we plough our dirt

with seeds made of 

all the words

we wish we would have said,

wilted flowers of broken promises

blooming and dying

underneath dusty moon...

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For my friend, Don Matthews. Thank you for the challenge of transforming "gobbledygook" into meaningful poetry. 


mai mai dah   nyuh nyah    ah eh   

gee doh   ooh ooh   noo may

dah dah   yoo may   roy danh




my little one -

still learning to speak,

articulate rhythmic poetry

from your tiny voice,

soft yet profound.


I hear you -

consonants and v...

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Untitled (cold water)

gray skies loom overhead,

fog entrenching the air -

seeping from high clouds down

into hard surfaces of the Pacific,

fine particles of mist

dancing along her ferocious waves;



                                yet soft


they twirl around her in laughter,

delighted to have found a friend -

she churns in response,

her fierce swells quelling into soft ...

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We used to laugh, during faraway conversations, about travelling commonly-named streets, if only to feel closer to one another. From my Olive to your Olive, my Ridge to your Ridge, as if traversing one road is all it takes to close distances.

But in the margins of my life, I watch San Francisco sunsets become shrouded by shadows of thick Summer fog, blanketing the sky in an endless gray. Often ...

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Untitled (on the field)


adequate enough

only until his mistakes

cast me aside 

between angered shouts,

rolling // falling 

into deep unknown corners,

only the forgotten 

found here;

somewhere between

dark shadows, 

where even fluorescent light

does not shine,

and the last one

he chose to cast away;

I watch his happiness

from behind dust particles 

hanging i...

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Untitled (stranger conversations)

“She was so tired most of the time she did not even pretend to feel anything.” - Joyce Carol Oates

He told me I’m supposed to be a ray of sunlight, but the only time I see the sunshine is when it rises, passing over my windshield and reflecting across my rearview mirror. I watch my life disappear behind me, dusty roads from a town I no longer know growing hazy in the distance behind ripples of ...

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walls of glass

 on the cusp of dreams 

passing whispered notes of Iloveyous

we pretend there is nothing

keeping us apart


but a wall of glass separates us


pressing palms against its surface

our hands mirror a broken embrace


fingertips trace corrugated waves
across our reflections


sunset casts rainbow fractals

blurring our faces,

each wavelength a mirror


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